Titanium 3D Printing

We are proud to say that we are now able to 3D print directly with titanium - something few companies in the world are able to do.

This means that we can now print our crest rings in titanium as well. 

Due to the methods used and the nature of the metal titanium prints have a lower resolution compared to a metal that we use for casting.

This means that the crest is designed with the end result in mind and the detail is slightly reduced and elements made slightly larger in order to appear more visible.

Some rings are better suited in titanium - especially the custom designs. Crests with a very high level of detailing will be more suited to Silver or Gold.

close up of 3D titanium printed family c
CAD 3D Ring with
titanium supports in
3D titanium printed family crest ring co
CAD 3D Titanium Printing Bed.

What is Titanium:

Its a natural silver metal with an extremely high strength to weight ratio. The ring is therefore extremely light and extremely strong. It's also stain resistant and hypoallergenic making it a perfect option for people with sensitive skin.


Titanium Crest Rings are Priced from R3150 ex vat

3D titanium printed family crest ring co
stages of a 3D titanium printed family c