About Us

We have more than 100 years combined experience in the jewelry industry ranging from diamond polishing, 3D printing and manufacturing. 

We are part of a network of jewelry manufacturing workshops and craftsman and feel the need for our Family Crest and Coat of Arms jewelry items to enjoy it's own place in the market.

Thus came to be.

Through many years of trials and tribulations we've managed to fine-tune the art of creating long-lasting and memorable family crest rings and coat of arms rings.

There are cheap ways to make a proper family crest ring and there is the correct way. We follow the correct way - no short-cuts.

Example of a 3D created
Coat of Arms Ring as well
as the finished product (right)

Process to creating your crest item ...


Sending us your Family Crest or Coat of Arms

If you don't see your Family Crest or Coat of Arms under our Library of rings we've done you will have to send us the correct crest to use. Whilst we create awesome items using your Family Crest we aren't historians so this is where your input will be needed. 


Deciding on the design you want 

We have various different designs to choose from. You can either do a standard traditional oval top or a more modern square. We also aren't limited by a particular shape or design and can assist with something completely unique.


We Create your design

We create a 3D CAD rendering we send to you for approval before we create the mould needed to cast your Family Crest Ring, Cufflinks or Pendant.


We Make the mould and cast the Family Crest or Coat of Arms Ring

We can now make the mould needed to cast your Family Crest or Coat of Arms Ring, Cufflinks or Pendant. We can cast it in Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum. 

Titanium: These rings can't be cast so we 3D print the Rings instead.

Read more about our Titanium Crest Rings by clicking here ...


Choosing the finish for your ring

You can opt for a modern clean looking ring or we can age the ring for you using different techniques. Silver can be oxidized to have a darkened background giving the ring an aged look. Although Gold can't be oxidized we can play around with different shades of rhodium plating to darken recessed areas and making the ring appear more 3D.