We ship Globally: Countries include:

United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany and many more ...

Quality custom crafted family crest / coat of arms rings.

Through years of practice we've managed to fine-tune our crafted rings to reflect true detail and workmanship.

"We are not makers of history yet we can preserve it through time"

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Something to be passed down

from generation to

generation ...

We have more than 100 years combined experience in the jewelry industry ranging from diamond polishing, 3D printing and manufacturing. 

We are part of a network of jewelry manufacturing workshops and craftsman and feel the need for our Family Crest and Coat of Arms jewelry items to enjoy it's own place in the market.

Thus familycrest.co.za came to be.

Through many years of trials and tribulations we've managed to fine-tune the art of creating long-lasting and memorable family crest rings and coat of arms rings.

There are cheap ways to make a proper family crest ring and there is the correct way. We follow the correct way - no short-cuts.

Van-Wyk-Coat-of-Arms-ring-Family-Crest Ring.2

Custom Made Crest Themed Items